Thursday, June 23, 2016

Do YOU ever feel overwhelmed?
 Just BURIED in things to do?  

What CAUSES Overwhelm and why is it a feeling that should NOT BE IGNORED?  More importantly, what can you DO to avoid or combat the feeling of Overwhelm?  Stay with me here, and I’ll share with you 3 ways guaranteed to beat the DROWNING feeling of Overwhelm!

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When I looked up the word ‘overwhelm’ one definition was that of drowning or being buried under a large mass!  Ever feel that way – as if you’re drowning in things to do with not enough time to do them all?
 Well, there’s more to Overwhelm than just having too much to do, because there are many professionals who get a MOUNTAIN of work done in a day that would take others a WEEK to do, yet they don’t suffer from the feeling of Overwhelm.  WHY IS THAT?  What’s the difference?
Well, one thing that contributes to feeling overwhelmed is having so many things running through your brain over and over again…  you’re thinking of ALL THESE THINGS that must get done!  It feels impossible!  You’re thinking, “HOW in the world am I going to get it all done?  WHEN am I going to have the time to do it all?  (get it all done?)”

 The very FIRST STEP in overcoming overwhelm, is to RELAX!  When you are feeling overwhelmed, you are stressed, anxious and nervous.  This is detrimental to your health and for your business.  This kind of anxiety can styme productivity. 

Overwhelm can paralyze you, so the FIRST thing you have to learn to do is to let go and allow yourself to B-R-E-A-T-H!  Take several deep breaths – close your eyes and allow your body to completely relax. Remind yourself that not everything has to happen TODAY! 
Also, once you understand that stress can cause high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, suppress the immune system suppress digestion and many other things, you may see the importance of allowing  yourself to relax – meditate and use positive imagery, like picturing a walk on the beach or floating in a pool, to calm your mind and heart.   

Now you’re ready for Step #2:  WRITE DOWN A LIST OF THINGS  YOU HAVE TO DO   - Sometimes we call this a BRAIN DUMP – Just get it all out of your head and on to a sheet of paper!
 The reason this is important is because, when you don’t make an actual, physical list, what often happens is, those same 8 things keep rolling around in your head, over and over again.  It feels more like 55 things, but it’s really just the same 8 or 12 things repeated continually. THAT alone can give  you the feeling of Overwhelm!

 But, you might be thinking … I already do that, Leanne! I make a list, and it just makes me feel more overwhelmed! 

This actually leads us to Step number THREE, which is the KEY; and that is to SCHEDULE your list!  You see, it’s one thing to make a list – it’s quite another to put that list into your calendar! 
When it’s just on paper, you can still feel overwhelmed! You may feel even more pressed because now you’re LOOKING at it.  But when you start putting a timeframe on them, you begin to feel relief, because NOW you can see when this is going to take place and how that is going to get accomplished!

You don’t have to keep thinking about it because you know when you’ll get to it .. it’s HANDLED!  And that LIFTS the feeling of overwhelm!  So ...

1. Allow yourself to RELAX - 
2. Get your thoughts on PAPER –
3. SCHEDULE your list into your calendar! If you do these three things, you’re on your way to combating OVERWHELM … guaranteed!


Another step you can take to overcome overwhelm is to DELEGATE!!  We didn't have time to discuss this on the show, but it is a BIGGY!  Wearing too many hats is killer!  It stymies your ability to move forward at the pace you actually could if you were not trying to do EVERYTHING!


These represent some of the concerns Entrepreneurs have when they contemplate delegating some of their work.  In the beginning, you generally HAVE to do everything, because you're just starting out and feeling your way through yourself as to what is needed or unnecessary, and how to do certain things.  But as your business starts to grow, you really need to get some help if you want to progress.

Here is one suggestions:  Go to to find a virtual assistant.  The beautiful thing about virtual assistants is that you are not hiring an employee with all that this entails.  You don't have to make room for them in your office or find enough to keep them busy for 40 hours a week. Finding someone on Fiverr is easy, and very inexpensive!  There are some jobs they will do for you for just $5.00!  For more involved work, they will price the job in increments of $5.  For example one job might cost you one 'gig' ($5) while a bigger job might cost you three 'gigs' ($15), etc.  Either way, you are only paying by the job, they are not under foot, and you get exactly the help you need with you need it!

One other place you can look for help is the university in your area.  You can often find 'Interns' to do some work for you,  These are students that make themselves available as volunteers, adding to their experience and training.  Either way, use DELEGATION as your 4th tool in your toolbox to help you overcome overwhelm!

Please pass this article along if you think it may help someone else.  I will be adding to it periodically as I discover more tools at your disposal.   

To your success,


p.s. CORRECTION: By the way - the Text To Join number was misprinted on the show. Text Leanne123 to 42848 and you will instantly receive a message from me.  Thanks!

Leanne Cannon
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